FDA looks to eliminate candy flavors from vape products

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The smoke can smell like candy or fruit; we’re talking about e-cigarettes, and now the government would like to eliminate certain flavors that come with the product; it’s part of the FDA’s efforts to curb underage vaping.

Flavors like cotton candy and bubble gum, some popular flavors when it comes to vaping, but the FDA would like to do away with those flavors.

Scotty Freeman owns a vape shop, and he says the idea that the FDA wants to eliminate flavors is a bad idea.  

“I think that’s the dumbest thing anyone can do is to remove a harm-reduced product from the market.”

Freeman owns Fat Lenny’s Homemade Ice Cream as well as his vape business, and he’s totally against any type of regulation on flavors of e-cigs. He claims vaping is better than smoking traditional cigarettes.

“We want to get people off cigarettes; why is that so hard to do?”

Hunter Libra likes to vape. He doesn’t believe eliminating some flavors will make a huge difference.

” I’ve seen some people make their own kind of concoction, kind of substitute with it. I think it will go down if they get rid of certain flavors but not as much as I think they would prefer it to.”

Manufacturers have until 2021 to submit e-cigarettes for safety and health reviews for FDA approval, and Freeman has some advice for those smoking traditional cigarettes:

“If you smoke cigarettes and cannot quit smoking through traditional means; VAPE. They are 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes.”

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