Fed-Ex gears up for the holidays

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With Christmas exactly two weeks away, crews at Fed-Ex are already hard at work.  They’re busy making sure your gifts make it to your loved ones on time.  

They call it the superbowl of shipping.  Fed-Ex knows how excited you are to wake up Christmas morning and see gifts under the tree.  Their employees are hard at work making sure those packages get to you on time. 

Mary Kate Yarn, Fed-Ex Communications Specialist, says, “We have 400,000 plus team members that are ready to make it happen and make deliveries, and we brought on 50,000 seasonal employees. We are just making sure our networks are working as designed.”

During this peak holiday season, Fed-Ex workers handle double their average daily volume, shipping up to 26 million packages per day.

Yarn says, “We expect to ship 380 to 400 million packages.”  So many packages, they could stretch around the world twice.  

But, before they are shipped, they must be sorted on conveyor belts. At the Memphis hub, there are 42-miles of conveyor belts; equivalent to nearly 37,000 six-foot Christmas trees laying end-to-end. 

The absolute last day to ship Fed-Ex two-day service is next Wednesday, December 20th.  The last day to ship Fed-Ex Overnight is next Thursday, December 21st. 

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