Federal grant money targeted to the local workforce is being dispersed to one area college

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Federal grant money targeted to the local workforce is being dispersed to one area college.

Here is more on what this money is and how it will be used.

The U.S. Department of Labor Secretary made way to Erie today to announce that one million dollars will be used to help boost the economy here in the Erie region.

The University of Pittsburgh Titusville is one of just 27 grant recipients of the workforce opportunities for rural communities program.

“That is huge. I mean getting a 1.2 million dollar grant for starting a workforce readiness for programs for students is tremendous. It will allow us to begin the manufacturing assistance center which we have had on the drawing board for years now and get that in place pretty quickly. It will also allow us to move forward with a partnership with the Manchester Bidwell Corporation and start a medical assistant program,” said David Fitz from University of Pittsburgh Titusville.

These grants enable communities within the Appalachian and Delta regions that were hard hit by economic transition to develop local and regional workforce development solutions that align with economic development strategies.

“Healthcare which is an important part of what the University of Pittsburgh Titusville will be assisting with, with the greats we are providing. That’s another immensely awarding area of work and one we know the need and demand moving forward is just going to get greater,” said Eugene Scala, U.S. secretary of Labor.

The secretary explained that as he traveled across the country he has heard business owners express the difficulty they’ve had finding skilled workers they need in order to grow their companies.

“We have done a bad job in this country of saving. If you don’t do well in school, you’re going to end up being a mechanic, but the reality is there aren’t many towns in America that don’t have a shortage of decent technicians,” said Chris Caldwell, Federal Co-Chairman of Delta Regional Authority.

In total, 29 million dollars has been granted nationwide through the Department of Labor.

For a full list of the grant recipients, click here.

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