Federal officers prepare arrival of migrant children in Summit Township

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The push is on to get a Summit Township facility ready to house upward of 150 migrant children.

Federal officers are in town guarding and preparing the Pennsylvania International Academy.

This building is located off of Oliver Road and is going to be the home to at least 150 immigrant children under the age of 12. These are children that have crossed into the United States without their parents.

Communities across the United States are being asked to open emergency intake centers including the Pennsylvania International Academy.

The Department of Health and Human Services told us in part that the Pennsylvania International Academy will “accept children from CBP (Customs and Boarder Patrol) into it’s care where they can be safely processed, cared for, and either released to a sponsor or transferred to an appropriate ORR shelter for longer-term care.”

The EIS is intended for use as a temporary measure.

This is also a hot button issue. Those who agreed to go on camera showed their support for the plan to help.

“We need to help when we can and I’m just not comfortable turning down children that need help and I think it’s disappointing other people in our community are comfortable doing that,” said Nathan Horderny, Erie Resident.

Mike Kelly told is that the children are expected to arrive here on Tuesday. Kelly also said that he was not part of the decision to make this an emergency intake site.

According to Kelly, this deal was made between what he called a local member of the community and the Departments of Health and Human Services, Home Land Security, and the Biden Administration.

“I want to know the Biden Administration’s long-term plan for these migrants, because communities across the country, including Erie, already have a lot of American children waiting to be adopted or find a foster home,” said Kelly.

“I think the last four years have done a pretty good job of setting up a really negative opinion of immigrants and people need to just sit back and think of how difficult it must be for parents to just send their children across the boarder blindly in hopes that they can end up with a better life than they can give them,” said Joe Siegrist, Erie Resident.

The Biden administration has said in the past that the ultimate goal is to find family members of the children who are in the U.S., vet them and then allow children to live with family once again.

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