Federal pre-trial motions for Andy Gabler extended

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The United States District Court of the Western District of Pennsylvania has announced that the federal pre-trial motions for Andy Gabler have been extended.

Pre-trial motions for Andy Gabler have been extended 45 days from Thursday, October, 10, 2019.

50-year-old Andy Gabler, Owner of Lakeside Auto Group, is facing conspiracy, bank and wire fraud charges from crimes allegedly committed at the Lakeside Auto Group.

The Federal Government says Gabler, alongside his accomplice 48-year-old Chad Bednarski, falsified and inflated customer incomes on loan applications, took money for extended warranties and never returned it, and falsified sales records to obtain factory incentive rebates.

Gabler faces up to 510 years in prison and $17 million in fines if convicted.

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