Feline distemper outbreak and deaths causes Orphan Angels to shutdown for two weeks

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A local animal shelter has closed its doors for the next two weeks.  They’re doing it to help stop the spread of a virus that has killed several cats in their facility.  

Steve Berlin, Director of Orphan Angels, says, “We are dealing with a virus called panleukopenia.  It is a highly contagious virus.”

As of Monday, the Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary is closing its doors due to panleukopenia.  The disease is more commonly known as ‘feline distemper,’ a violent virus that can have a quick onset, killing cats within hours.  

Berlin says, “It affects the bone marrow in cats and it causes them to not be able to fight off infections.  So, often they die off from secondary infections.”

The panleukopenia outbreak has already claimed the lives of several cats at Orphan Angels, which is why they’re taking every step to make sure the healthy cats don’t get infected.  Now, they’re putting a hold on accepting any new cats, quarantining any cats that show symptoms and disinfecting the entire shelter.  

They’re also asking the public for donations of cleaning supplies and cat food, as well as funds to help treat the cats. 

There’s no cure for the illness, treating the symptoms is the only thing they can do.

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