Fights breaking out at Waldameer Park on Memorial Day are causing some concern over park security.

The owner of Waldameer said that this kind of behavior could lead to admission charges to enter the park.

“There were multiple fights throughout the course of the evening and our officers broke up these fights and we arrested two people, not from the same fight, but from two different altercations. They were both juveniles and they’re both facing disorderly conduct charges,” said Captain Carter Mook, Millcreek Police Department.

Captain Mook said Waldameer Park Owner Paul Nelson hired members of the Millcreek Police Department for the Memorial Day holiday, however they needed to call for backup.

“After we had responded to the initial couple of fights, we realized that we needed more personnel and extra man power from the shift,” said Mook.

Waldameer Park Owner Paul Nelson said that he wants the park to be a place that everyone can enjoy throughout the summer. However, these fights may result in some changes for the summer.

“I’m part of the community, but I will say we’ll probably do shorter hours on the next holiday. I’m not saying for sure, but that’s what we’re talking about,” said Paul Nelson, Owner of Waldameer Park.

Nelson said that if this kind of behavior continues, there is a possibility of additional charges to enter the park.

“If it continues down that path it sure is what will happen, and we’ll know who to blame, bad parents. Don’t keep putting all the blame on the kids,” said Nelson.

Millcreek Police urge any parents with a child who suffered injuries from these fights to report the injuries to police.