Fire inspectors search for cause of recycling plant blaze

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Erie Fire Inspectors return to the scene of a massive fire at an Erie recycling plant.  Employees are back to work one day after a massive fire at Geosource.  Erie’s Chief Fire Inspector, John Widomski, continuing to look into a cause.

Geosource turning over surveillance video to assist in the investigation.  “It’s just immensely helpful,” says Widomski,” because they see something that goes on when nobody is around.  It’s good for us and the police.”

The fire was spotted by Erie Patrol Officers around 1am Wednesday.  Burning in buildings containing mostly paper and boxes, the fire took around 10,000 square feet, some inventory, and equipment.  Frank Lasky, Geosource’s President says firefighters were able to save more than expected.  “It was a really bad fire and they knocked it out almost immediately and we only lost a small portion of our building… my heart goes out to them.  Otherwise, we would have been in a much worse situation than we are now”.

Guy Santone, Fire Chief of the City of Erie, says this is not the first large fire at this facility and they are looking at all options.  “I know there were gates around the place, but there is access from the railroad tracks and we will see how secure the building was…  We will look into every possible scenario there may be”.

Lasky says, “we’re doing everything necessary to keep conducting business as best we can, but other than that, things might be on hold for a little bit”.

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