Firefighters, police labor on Labor Day

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On a holiday that celebrates America’s working class, not everyone gets the day off. Hundreds are spending the day at the office to keep you safe.

Banks, buses and government offices all shut down for Labor Day. Meanwhile, first responders spend the day on the clock, hoping to ensure that your holiday is a safe one.

Erie fire and police departments are both fully staffed on Labor Day, they say, like they are on any other holiday For the police department, that means around 25 patrol and specialty officers per shift. For the fire department, it means every fire house in the city is staffed.

Acting police chief Don Dacus says holidays when the weather is nice, like Monday, are typically busier than other days. He says they respond to many domestic calls when families are together.

Fire chief Guy Santone says you can never predict a fire on a holiday, just like every other day.

Both chiefs say their staffs are used to working holidays, so today is no different for them. They say their staffs knew when signing up for the job that working holidays was part of the deal. The chiefs say it is often times harder for family members to deal with, than it is for most of the firefighters and officers themselves.

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