Erie City Firefighters train with new equipment

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The Erie Fire Department is scheduled to receive new equipment.

Firefighters got hands-on training at a local junk yard with new rescue toll system. The training focused on using the equipment when responding to car entrapments.

"These cutters that they have with this system have a lot more force and they are able to cut through the new car construction," said Rep Marvin Waxham. 

During training, firefighters worked to detach multiple parts of a car, including the doors and roof. The training also focused on the most effective ways to remove the car windows.

In a responder’s world every moment counts and this new equipment could have an impact.

"We have what we call the golden hour to extract a patient and get them to emergency care, so anytime we can get out here and train with this equipment and become more efficient with it, the better it is for the whole community," said Deputy Chief Mike Fahey. 

Fahey says training for the firefighters is important.

“Whether you are new on the job or you’ve been on the job for 20 or 30 years its important to go out and keep your skills sharp,” said Fahey.

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