Firework safety tips for the holiday

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Area experts are urging people to use fireworks safely even more this year and are expecting more users. 

Serious burns and fires are just some of the major concerns that are on the minds of emergency responders as we approach the holiday weekend. 

What creates even more of a fear is how much firework use we have seen already. 

This Fourth of July weekend, will be anything but normal with the cancellation of many celebrations due to COVID-19. The fear is that more people will create there own with fewer community events. 

“We have had three fires already from fireworks. We’ve had a garage, residential and commercial form fireworks and its not even close to the holiday yet and we are expecting more. With those fires comes the risks of injuries for people in those structures.” Darren Hart, Chief Fire Inspector, City of Erie. 

If you do suffer a burn injury resulting from a firework, there is a way you can help treat yourself or someone else. 

“If you’re going to do something don’t do those mythical things, don’t douse it in ice. If you need to cool it down because its burning take some cool room-temperature water and get a clean towel and lay it over it,” Fred Mirarchi, medical director at UPMC Hamot. 

If you’re seriously injured health officials explain that it is safe to enter the emergency room.

“You can feel comfortable coming in, there is many protocols in place for people we even suspect have COVID-19 as far as screenings and isolating people inside the department, so it’s very safe. When you wait on somethings as far as injury you typically make it worse,” said Mirarchi. 

Within the City, fireworks are prohibited within 150 feet of an occupied structure. 

You can be fined for setting off fireworks if police cite you and the City says the use of fireworks is also prohibited on the City of Erie property, which includes local parks. 

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