Firework sales sky rocket as new types are available for sale in Pennsylvania

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Plenty of folks are planning their 4th of July celebrations and this year will be different.

Back in October, new fireworks regulations were signed into law in Pennsylvania.  This will be the first 4th under that new law.  And, some who sell fireworks say they’re already seeing a major impact. 

“Really, really cool,” says Rick Breski.  “This could be a good grand finale piece.”

Rick Breski has been operating ‘Fantastic Fireworks’ in Dauphin County for 21 years now.  But, this year, his business is booming.  “A lot more customers are stocking up on a lot more items.”  A lot of items that Rick previously couldn’t sell in Pennsylvania.  

A new law passed in October allowing the sale of consumer fireworks like firecrackers, roman candles, and bottle rockets. 

“I went and applied for the license right away,” Breski tells us, “Because most of my customers wanted this type of firework”.

Shannon Powers of the Department of Agriculture says, “I think there are people who are happy with the new regulations, which broaden their ability to make money”.

People 18 and older with a valid ID can now buy those fireworks in our state, but there are still restrictions.  You can’t operate fireworks if you’re under the influence of alcohol.  You also need the property owner’s permission and you must be at least 150 feet away from an occupied building. 

Powers tells us, “…it’s very hard to set fireworks off legally in the city”.

Sales figures weren’t immediately available, but 300 tents like Rick’s have been licensed to sell fireworks in Pennsylvania since the new law went into effect.  

And, while he’s still excited for the extra business, he’s also stressing to his customers to stay safe.  “You don’t want to hurt anyone or burn someone’s house down. You just want to be very safe with everything.”

In addition, an extra 12% tax will be added on to firework sales.  That money will go to a first responders fund.

–Matt Heckel, JET 24 Action News

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