Firework sales up this year

Local News

One local firework store explaining they have seen an increase in sales this year. 

The owner of Flagship Fireworks in Edinboro saying that this year is record breaking for firework sales across the country, 

If you’re looking to celebrate with fireworks this weekend you’re encouraged to go to the store sooner rather than later. 

“This year its the big stuff. Its now the third year its been legal and people have been graduating through and we are seeing lots of big stuff. Obviously canister shells are always a top seller because people want to come in and have the closest thing to what the professionals shoot off and so we are seeing a lot of the big stuff go out this year,” said Greg Brumagin, president and founder of Flagship Fireworks 

If you have questions about what precautions to take when using the fireworks you’re encouraged to ask those at the store. 

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