Fireworks sales increase as people buy their own fireworks to celebrate Fourth of July

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With no public displays of fireworks, many people are now buying their own to celebrate the Fourth of July.

One sales associate from Big Woodies said that there has been an increase in fireworks sales over the summer.

On July 3rd, the store saw over 300 customers as people prepared for the Fourth of July.

Another Firework store employee said that they are seeing a lot of first time firework users while instructing them to be cautious and make sure they are at least 150 feet away from occupied buildings and cars.

“First time firework users are coming out because no public displays. I think people are bored at home and it’s just a fun way to you know really at our store inexpensively if you want to do something fun for the family,” said Rob Englert, Owner of Flagship Fireworks.

As a reminder, using fireworks is illegal in the city of Erie.

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