First COVID-19 related death reported in Erie County

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The first COVID-19 related death in Erie County was announced today. The first death was announced by Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper. Dahlkemper also reporting seven new cases.

“We were hoping this day would never come, but I am deeply saddened to report to you our first death of an Erie County resident.” Dahlkemper said.

Dahlkemper announcing the first COVID-19 related death in Erie Coutny, adding the patient who died at Saint Vincent Hospital was a man in his 80s with other health complications.

Meanwhile, Saint Vincent Hospital has updated their statistics including five total COVID-19 patients admitted.

And, as someone who has already dealt with COVID-19, Congressman Mike Kelly stating the one death in Erie County is part of a larger number that covers his district.

“Our district, which is made up of all of Erie County, all of Crawford County, all of Mercer County, all of Lawrence County, and part of Butler County, so far the latest numbers I have are 12 deaths.” Rep. Kelly said.

Rep. Kelly shared his perspective on the spread of the virus in Northwestern, Pennsylvania, with 384 confirmed cases in his congressional area.

“That’s 384 of which I am one of by the way,” Rep. Kelly said. “I was coronavirus positive and have been able to get through this period, so I just want people to know, look, this virus is really horrible. This has attacked us in a way that we have never expected.

In a news conference, Rep. Mike Kelly also addressed the economic situation in Erie County.

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