First dash cam installed in EPD cruiser

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As we first reported last week, the Erie Police Department is looking into implementing Dash Cam Technology.  To try it out, a camera is now installed in one police cruiser.  

Technicians with Watch Guard Video installed the in-car system today and it’s ready to begin recording audio and video.  The camera lens can see 180 degrees and even swivel around.  There is a second camera and microphone is the backseat of the cruiser.  This is the same camera used by the Pennsylvania State Police and the Millcreek Police Department as well.

“Well, we believe that dash cameras are the smart way to go,” says EPD Chief Don Dacus… “it at least brings up to the same playing field as our surrounding partners it is a well-known practice and has a good track record in court so that is why we decided to go through this demo at this time.” 

If the department decides to outfit all 34 cruisers with dash cam’s, the move would have to be reviewed and approved by Erie City Council. 

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