First Day of Celebrate Erie kicks off

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Despite the cloudy weather, people still made it out to the first day of Celebrate Erie.

Holly Brooks says she and her friend came to Celebrate Erie for the food and music, but that’s not all. “Just the sense of community and seeing the support that’s happening downtown,” said Holly Books, Erie resident.

Brooks’ friend Deltheia Nolen says she comes down to Celebrate Erie events to enjoy Erie’s summer weather before it ends.

“Just enjoy it, walk around, try to the different venues, the food,” said Nolen. “Idk, just get to know Erie.” There are new things featured at this year’s Celebrate Erie including new local food vendors like the Skunk and Goat Tavern.

“We got here this afternoon and people were lined up at each and every tent with just excitement about Erie and all the local art,” said Anne Lewis with the Skunk and Goat Tavern.  “And it just shows the true potential of what we got going on here.” 

During the Celebrate Erie weekend, Skunk and Goat Tavern is featuring some specialty items on their menu, like their “Southern Smash Sandwich”. “We have brisket with pull pork, smoked chicken, coleslaw with sweet and spicy barbeque sauce,” said Lewis. 

Meanwhile for Holly Brooks, some of her favorite food vendors at Celebrate Erie are Three B’s Salon and Odis 12.

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