First Downtown Erie Ping Pong Open at Brewerie at Union Station

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Whether you have a mean backhand or are just learning the topspin, there’s a tournament just for you.

The first ever Downtown Erie Ping Pong Open is happening at the Brewerie at Union Station. This is the second week for the three week tournament. It’s a best of three games with each winning giving you three points and each loss you lose a point. One competitor says the tournament is meant for anyone.
“I think a lot of people get intimidated. They might come to a club or a tournament and see people that are better than them and they get discouraged where as we all started at a certain point at the bottom. Time, practice and a lot of fun later, you get better so I definitely encourage people to give it a shot and keep going,” said participant George Latterman.

The last tournament date is October 8th.  Weekly prizes and a grand prize are up for grabs.

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