First three medical professionals trying to save shooter’s life screaming ‘kill all Jews’ are Jewish

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A community and a nation reliving Saturday’s horrific attack at the ‘Tree of Life’ synagogue.  Eleven victims murdered; targeted simply because of their religion.

Survivor Barry Werber tells us, “I opened a door and I saw a body on the steps.”

Among those who were deceased were Bernice and Sylvan Simon, their wedding announcement in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, talks of their candlelight ceremony inside this very same synagogue in 1956.  

And, lifetime members, brothers David and Cecil Rosenthal, both with special needs. 

Freddy Rabner saying of them, “You don’t get a more innocent, harmless individual.”

The FBI says the alleged shooter, 46-year-old Robert Bowers, hurled words of hate against Jews as he murdered them.  

Police arriving on the scene shot him multiple times, an exclusive photo reportedly showing doctors working to save his life. 

Dr. Jeff Cohen, President of Allegheny General Hospital, says, “He’s taken into my hospital and he’s shouting ‘I want to kill all the Jews.’ The first three people taking care of him are Jewish.”

He was a mystery to his neighbors and never flagged by authorities despite his hateful posts online, like one calling Jews ‘the children of Satan’ on the fringe social media site, ‘GAB,’ which has become popular among white supremacists and other alt-right activists and white nationalists who believe mainstream sites like Facebook and Twitter censor their radical views. 

Bowers now in Federal custody facing charges that carry the death penalty. 

Authorities are now looking through the suspect’s cell phone and computer, trying among other things, to find out if there was a triggering event, something specific that happened that made him walk into this synagogue on Saturday and open fire. 

–Maggie Rulli, ABC News

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