Retailers across the country are bracing for an onslaught, some $160 billion in returns from Christmas purchases, and a Sunday holiday has added another wrinkle.

Behind every returning purchase, there’s a story – like a Tennessee grandma who bought snow outfits for the grandkids only to see their flights canceled.

“They wanted to play in the snow so we had ordered a bunch of snowsuits cause I couldn’t even find them in Erie to fit them. They’ve arrived but the kids haven’t,” said Holly Burkhart, grandma from Tennessee.

It’s the kind of story UPS store owner Chris Fanzini has heard a lot recently. A person who is as busy now with returns as he was with purchases leading up to the holiday.

“It’s been busy probably since 10 a.m. this morning. It’s just been going since,” said Fanzini.

Still, with Christmas on a Sunday, many companies observe the holiday on Monday, meaning that local shippers will have to wait a day to move the returns out of town, but that doesn’t change the best advice.

“The sooner you get it back the sooner you’ll get your refund. There’s no carry or pickup or delivery today so anything that comes in today will go out tomorrow,” said Barb Raines, co-owner, Erie Pack & Ship.

Some companies have rolled out tighter return policies this year, but retailers still expect those returns to approach $160 billion in the coming weeks.