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Flooding causes road closures in Erie, Crawford counties

ERIE, Pa. -- Steady rain along with melting snow has caused flooding in some areas of Erie and Crawford counties.

Several homes in Corry along Route 89 South and Lovell Road were flooded on Thursday after a nearby creek overflowed. Water was cascading across Route 89, making its way into some homes and garages.

An elderly couple was unable to leave without assistance after their home was completely surrounded by water. 

“It's above my knees and I'm almost (5 feet, 10 inches tall),” Corry resident Yulonda Theuret said. “So it is pretty deep. Right now, I'm just trying to get my parents to leave.”

A pickup truck was able to backup to the home where the couple lived and was able to get on the truck to ride out of the flooded yard.

Because of the flooding, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has closed roads in Erie, Warren and Crawford counties.

UPDATED as of 7:30 a.m. Friday

Crawford County:

Route 173 from Fowler Road/Borgardus Road to Lippert/Lake Creek Road in Wayne Township.
Route 1041 (Sparta Street/Fish Flats Road/Britton Run Road) from Garland Street in Centerville Borough to White Road in Rome Township.
Route 1001 (Mystic Park Road) from Rosenburg Road in Troy Township to Stroup Road in Steuben Township.
Route 2040 (Spring Street) from Route 102 to Lincoln Avenue in the City of Meadville.
Route 1016 Miller Station Road) from Route 6 in Cambridge Township to Miller Hill Road in Rockdale Township.
2008 (Wilson Shute Road) from Route 322 in West Mead Township to Mercer Pike in Union Township.

Warren County:

Route 27 from Route 426 to Route 6 in Pittsfield Township.
Route 666 from Brookston Road  to Henrys Mill Road in Sheffield Township.
Route 426 from Route 27 in Pittsfield Township to Blue Eye Road/Old Route 77 Road in Spring Township.
Route 957 from Baccus Corners Road in Columbus Township to Route 958 in Freehold Township.
Route 3014 (Old Garland Road/Kane Road) from Route 27 to Davey Hill Road in Pittsfield Township.
Route 3007 (Davey Hill Road) from Youngsville Road in Deerfield Township to Route 27 in Pittsfield Township.
Erie County:
Route 6 from the intersection with Route 19 in LeBoeuf Township to the intersection of Dutchtown Road in Mill Village Borough due to flooding.
Route 3002 (Cherry Hill Road) from Route 215 to Gage Road in Conneaut Township.
Route 215 from Old Albian Road in Springfield Township to Cherry Hill Road in Conneaut Township.
Route 2024 (Follett Road/Hayes Road/Carter Hill Road) from Stuart Road to Follett Road in Wayne Township.
Route 2019 (Elgin Road/Main Street) from Pleasant Street to Main Street in the Borough of Elgin.
Route 3011 (Knapp Road) from Carter Road to Pennside Road/Boyce Road in Conneaut Township.

Mercer County:

Route 4019 (Methodist Road) from Kennard Road to Salem Road in Sugar Grove Township.

Forest County:

Route 3004 (Nebraska Road) from German Hill Road to Sage Road in Green Township.

The roadways will reopen when conditions permit.

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