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A well-known pediatrician is sentenced to prison after several patients came forward with allegations of sexual assault against the doctor.

Dr. Johnnie Barto is no stranger to rumors of abuse. Back in 1999, a complaint was brought to the State Licensing Board of Physicians, however, they cleared him then. Flashforward to 2017 and rumors started to swirl once again, ultimately leading him behind bars. 

Well-known Johnstown Pediatrician, 71-year-old Johnnie Barto, sentenced to 79-158 years in prison for sexually assaulting more than 30 children over the course of several years. 

Dr. Mandy Fauble says most of the time, children do not realize when abuse is happening to them, especially when coming from someone like a doctor.

“Children look to us to help them define their world. So, the person that is an authority they trust; whatever that person is doing or saying…”

Dr. Fauble saying children do not realize they have been abused until later. 

Young victims might not realize until they are in school and learn more about abuse.

Fauble adding one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is the emotional scars left behind from an assault.

“Many times people say they struggle with much more than coping with the physical aspect of it… is the emotional side. That betrayal and abuse of power, taking advantage by someone.”

And just like in the Johnstown case, Assistant District Attorney Erin Connelly says in most sexual assault cases, the victim knows the attacker, making it harder for the victim to come forward after an assault. 

“A lot of times, it is their voice. They have to get comfortable and they have to face their accuser. We try to make that as comfortable as possible. It’s the court system; it’s a jury trial.”

Dr. Fauble saying having an open dialogue with your child helps them to know and spot abuse. 

To watch the full interview with ADA Erin Connelly about the judicial system on sexual assault, see below:

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