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It’s a tour in North East aimed at anyone who enjoys good food and learning a bit along the way.  Though North East is known mainly for their wineries, we found another company who is focusing on the culinary aspects of the charming town.

Ted McClintock is participating in the food tour today with his wife for their 52nd wedding anniversary.  McClintock is from Summerset but loves visiting North East.  The couple visited five restaurants there. They started at ‘The Bean’ with coffee, the ‘Northern Scoop Craft’ for ice cream, then the ‘Little Shop of Donuts’.  Their next stop for lunch is ‘The Sunk and Goat Tavern’.  

He says, “…they were all, in their own right, my favorite because everything was a little different. So, it was a nice variety, interesting, the historical background which I love…”

Ann says, “for the last few years it’s been a great organization that came out in North East and in Erie as well, so we were formerly with ‘Cork 1794’ and now ‘The Skunk and Goat Tavern’ so it’s nice to have a crowd come in with a different style of food.”

The next stop was an Italian restaurant called ‘Michaels’ on South Lake Road, just a short walk away from Skunk and Goat Tavern.  Tour Guide Libby Clark tells us this is her summer job that she started three years ago. 

“I love it,” says Libby.  “I’m a teacher, so I love talking and giving history about it and people love gathering around food.  So, I think it’s a great thing to bring to Erie.  New York City, Chicago, all the bigger cities have these tours and Kelly brought them to Erie and it’s really bringing a lot of people back.”

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