The Shades Beach “Food Truck Fridays” event kicked off on June 3 in Harborcreek.

The park will welcome a new food truck every Friday from now through August.

The goal is to provide some business for our locally-run food trucks, while giving residents something new to try.

Harborcreek would like to use its parks as much as possible, so they believe that this will be a positive way to get people to come and visit.

Steve Oler, Harborcreek Township Supervisor, noted that he was happy to provide this opportunity to the community.

“I think the benefits are that it gives the food truck operators a source of revenue, but it gives our residents another excuse to come down to the beach and down to the parks. Maybe try some food that they wouldn’t have tried if we didn’t have this program going,” said Steve Oler, Harborcreek Township Supervisor.