For many, it’s apple season and we have some tips for getting the most health benefits out of them

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Aside from getting outside and enjoying the fall weather, health experts say the apples you’re picking are good for you too.

Registered Dietician Kate Patton says the fiber in apples is a soluble fiber and can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  

When it comes to choosing which color apple to eat, Patton says try to choose a wide variety.  Some folks like to peel their apples, but Patton says there are nutritional benefits to the apple’s skin as well.

“There definitely is a lot more of those antioxidants in the skin, because the apples have all different colors, so the more color you get, the more nutritional value, and the more antioxidants you get.  So, if you can, that’s great but there is good nutritional value from inside of the apple too.”

If you have concerns over pesticides on apples, either choose organic apples or simply wash them thoroughly.

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