Former cab drivers for Erie Yellow Cab suing former employer

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A group of cab drivers say their former employer owes them thousands of dollars and now they are trying to sue.

Last year, Erie Yellow Cab closed down its doors soon after its owner passed away. Workers say their contract lease has a driver retention indemnity plan. The drivers pay $5 a day and they get that money back if they are fired or the company closes.

Former Erie Yellow Cab Driver Russell McGranor saying that there are nearly 20 drivers that are owed money.

“Thirty-three hundred dollars is a lot of money, it would help me pay some bills off and get back on my feet. and that is what I am trying to do. disability does not go very far.” McGranor said.

They say they are still waiting to hear back from their lawyers. They have reached out to family members of the business, but they won’t talk to them.

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