Erie City Council is reviewing 20 applicants, hoping to fill a vacant seat.

Each of the six members of the City Council will select five applicants to interview on Thursday, Feb. 9. One of the applicants is former councilwoman Kathy Schaaf, who did not run for a second term in 2021. Schaaf was elected to the council in 2017 and served as vice president in 2020.

She said after retiring from her teaching job, she would like to continue to serve the Erie community again.

“It really didn’t leave me. Going to city council, going to the study sessions, listening to department meetings, whoever comes in is going to need to be caught up to speed, and some may do it quicker than others. But I do have the experience,” said Kathy Schaaf.

More than a dozen other applicants will be considered to fill the position. Interviews will take place on Feb. 9.