The City of Erie will soon say it’s goodbye to the former Erie Malleable Iron building at West 12th and Cherry Street.

Dozens of community members gathered to recognize the building’s importance to the community.

The building in Erie’s industrial corridor has been around for decades. Leaders say the demolition of the building will bring more jobs and opportunity to the city.

The EMI building is a block-long warehouse, manufacturing, and office complex originally built in 1920. The former property is located at 12th and Cherry Streets, in what is known as Erie’s industrial corridor.

At its peak, the building had nearly 300 people employed there. EMI closed its doors in the summer of 2001 and forced 220 people out of work. Since then, Modern Industries have used the property for warehousing and light manufacturing since 2014.

Tina Mengine, CEO of the Erie County Redevelopment Authority, says the demolition of the building is long overdue.

“I’m excited that we’re able to finally get to the point where we can start cleaning up this blight and making way for new projects.” Mengine said.

Many say the demolition of the building is for the better.

“To finally get this out of here and get it prepared for something new, it’s a great step forward.” said Mayor Joe Schember.

Mayor Schember says he personally knows someone who used to work in the building. He says the building brings a lot of historic memories of what Erie used to be know for, which was heavy industry.

“Hopefully, it’ll bring some really good things to Erie.” Mayor Schember said.

The EMI Building is where EMI produced iron and steel products. Mayor Schember and the CEO of the Redevelopment Authority say the demolition is the beginning of bringing more jobs to Erie. The CEO doesn’t know what exactly will replace the building. She hopes to sell it to a company that may be interested in doing business in Erie.

There is not a clear date as to when the building will be demolished. the CEO of the Redevelopment Authority says she hopes it will be demolished in the fall or spring 2022.