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It’s no secret that President Donald Trump has a strained relationship with the country’s intelligence community, at time, blasting them publicly.  A former intelligence director is sharing why he’s concerned. 

The man you’re about to meet says that a lot of times, intelligence officials and former officials stay under the radar, but he says growing concerns about the direction of the country has him and people like him sounding the alarm.

“It’s really a challenge for the intelligence community, who frankly are there to give our national leadership as clear a view of objective reality as possible.”

The former Director of the NSA and the CIA, and former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, General Michael Hayden, says the relationship between the president and intelligence is something that affects everyone.

“Those are assaults on institutions that we will need for our wellbeing over a long period of time and the erosion of those institutions will cause lasting damage.”

It’s the basis of his book, ‘The Assault on Intelligence: American National Security in the Age of Lies’.  It’s a rebuke of some of the president’s rhetoric and what Hayden calls ‘Post-Truth Politics’. 

“That’s not normal, and even if it gets repeated for two or four years by the president, we all need to be reminded. It’s not normal.”

Hayden took that message to the Jefferson Education Society’s Global Summit, where a spectrum of ideas are being shared. 

“It should not come as a surprise that some of the ideas and thoughts and speakers that we have here at this Global Summit could be seen as controversial, but it’s important that we talk about them and it’s important that we explore them with the speakers.”

In spite of differences in thought or background, Hayed says the commonality of Americans is our faith in the ideas of the US Constitution. “This isn’t about loyalty to party or loyalty to a president, this is about who we are and who we are, again I repeat, is defined by what we believe in.”

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