Former Mayor Joyce Savocchio reflects on September 11th, 2001

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On September 11th and the days and weeks that followed, Mayor Joyce Savocchio worked around the clock to protect the City of Erie.

While the events of that day were shocking to most, Mayor Savocchio said that her administration was prepared.

Twenty years later Mayor Savocchio looks back. Twenty years ago in September of 2001, Mayor Joyce Savocchio was almost at the end of her third and final term as mayor.

When the reports started coming un on the morning of September 11th, the mayor and her staff put their emergency management plan to work.

“Do you spring into action? You had to make sure that all systems were a go in the city if it needed to happen until there was an immediate need to do a session and make sure we had all the bases covered,” said Joyce Savocchio, Former Mayor of Erie.

Then the world’s eyes turned to Pennsylvania when a plane went down in Shanksville.

For Mayor Savocchio, it was a day city government had prepared for to protect Erie considered a hub in the region and a possible target.

“Come significant for a hub for this part of the state we’re Pennsylvania’s. On the Lakeport we are a service delivery area meaning both water and sewer systems their way to and from Erie. There’s 100 ways in which Erie becomes very significant, even in Northwest PA,” said Savocchio.

Savocchio credits her staff, many of whom had worked together for years in the administration.

“By the time September 11th happened, my house down so well together we worked like a real team. I could almost think like my day either everybody on board to do their job. They knew how to do it,” said Savocchio.

While an emotional day for everyone, city leaders had to push emotions aside.

“Years of experience came in and it’s a very comforting thing. We know that the systems that we helped build and improve were actually working,” said Savocchio.

Plans that worked then and continue today.

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