Former PA Governor Tom Ridge shares his thoughts about the Trump Administration

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While the former Pennsylvania Governor and Erie Native Tom Ridge was in town for a Mercyhurst University ribbon-cutting ceremony, we asked him what he thinks of the Trump Administration.

Ridge says people spend a  lot of time focusing on things like the president’s social media presence.  He tells us he’s pleased the administration finally recognized that Russia did try to disrupt our democracy.  

Ridge says the president is taking an unconventional approach to try to affect leverage globally, and in some places, he believes it’s working.

Tom Ridge, Former PA Governor, says, “This is an administration that has pretty much laid out a very bold agenda and I guess time will tell whether or not the approach that he’s taken trying to rebalance our economic relationship with the rest of the world is an effective one.”  

Ridge says it’s too early to judge the success of President Donald Trump’s approach, but tells us elections in November will be a good indicator of how America feels about the administration.

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