Former rectory of St. Mary’s transforms into a place where women can reacclimate into society

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A new start for a woman just getting out of prison.  The Climate Changers purchased the former rectory in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church, converting it into a sanctuary for women to come in and reacclimate themselves to society.

The building will serve as a home for the women, as well as a learning facility with classes being offered.  

A total of 26 beds will be available once the facility is open for residential purposes with nine bathrooms.

Funding was provided by UPMC, Erie Insurance, and the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assistance Tax Program.

Secretary of the DCED, Dennis Davin, also among the many to tour the facility, says, “this is by far one of the best programs. This gives the ability for business in the communities to invest back into which is a great thing.”

The facility is expected to open for housing mid-June.

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