Former U.S Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel spoke at Monday night’s Global Summit event

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As a two term U.S. Senator from Nebraska and the Nation’s Secretary of Defense during the Obama administration, Chuck Hagel, experienced record-setting moments in his many years of public service.

Hagel was a speaker at the Global Summit series in Erie on Monday night, which was moderated by Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge.

During the event, Hagel shared his thoughts on the current state of the country.

“United States is off balance. I think this is the most volatile, uncertain, unpredictable time that I’ve seen in my career,” said U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel, Global Summit speaker.

Hagel’s goal was to answer questions and to talk about the many problems America faces.

“Just a couple days ago, North Korea launched more missiles and it does have nuclear capability,” said Hagel.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge was the moderator at Monday night’s event. He said politics are getting in the way of governing.

“The House proceeds with this inquiry, fine let them do it. I still think there’s a lot of business that needs to be done and that they are not particularly paying attention to it. I think this instability, lack of vision, lack of clarity, lack of governing is somewhat disturbing to me,” said Tom Ridge, Former Governor of Pennsylvania.

Hagel calls President Trump tweeting out his policy shameful.

“He didn’t consult with the Pentagon, the State Department, CIA, or National Security people,” Hagel.

The turnout resulted in a sold out event.

The next Global Summit event will feature Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday at Gannon University.

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