Juniors and Seniors filled the gym today at Fort LeBoeuf High School today for the Second Annual College and Career Readiness Fair.

When entering the fair, students saw an assortment of different vendors ranging from local agencies to employers and educational institutions. During this time, students were also granted the opportunity to ask questions and also just learn more about all of the options.  And, in efforts to make the students feel more comfortable, many of the 40 vendors there were names they recognized.

Coordinator for Post-Secondary and Career Discovery Cara Gadley says, “We know that a lot of our students like to stay close to home, we know a lot of our students want to go straight to workforce and so if we can push them into the area that we feel where they’re comfortable and that they’re staying close to home and that they’re getting their environment and the workforce that they want; we want to be able to encourage that”.

Today’s fair was also hosted to help fulfill the school’s mission, which is that all graduates possess the skills and knowledge necessary to immediately begin employment, pursue a demanding technical field or program, or to enroll in college, allowing them to begin a rewarding career.