Fort LeBoeuf School District canceling after Terroristic Threat

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Over night a Snapchat message was generated saying the following “We’re Shooting Fort LeBoeuf School @8:30 a.m., October 3, 2019. Join us. Come Through The Back Of Building And One Person is Going To Be Shooting From The Water Towers From Any Escapes.”

The message is spreading fast online and is promoting the School District to cancel classes and all actives for the day.

Superintendent Rick Emerick sending the following email.

“Late last evening, we became aware of a terroristic threat against our high school that appears to originate through a fake social media account.  Upon learning of this threat, we immediately contacted PSP and an investigation involving our administration, PSP, FBI, and the OAG (Safe2Say) is underway.”  

“After much thought, I am of the belief that given the events over the past few days and the impact this new threat will have on our entire school community will be profound and it will be extremely difficult for us to have a meaningful instructional day with our students.  Therefore, all Fort LeBoeuf schools have been closed and after school activities will be cancelled for today.”  

“Please know everyone involved in this investigation will be working diligently throughout the day to apprehend the individual(s) responsible for this unspeakable conduct.”

“Please monitor district email and district sponsored social media for updates.”

“In closing, please be advised that many are continuing to report inaccurate information.  There have not been a “series” of fights at Fort LeBoeuf over the course of the past week.  Our administration has handled two physical altercations and those students will be subject to consequences outlined by school district policy as well as Commonwealth Law.  Thank you for your attention to this clarification.”

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