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Fortnite themed dance party for kids

Harborcreek, PA -      For about the last year more and more kids, (and let's face it, some adults), have been spotted doing some strange dances.  It all stems from an online video game called Fortnight.  It seems every kids age 6-12 is playing this game.  And those who aren't playing it, still know some of the iconic dance moves that have gone viral, like 9-year-old Jayden Semelka.  "I don't really play it but I know the dances.  Well, some of them anyway," said Semelka. 

     She's a regular at Flippin' Fitness, and is also attending their first-ever Fortnite-themed dance party.  This is the first time Erie Bounce and Flippin' Fitness  have teamed up for an event.  As a mother of two boys herself, the owner of Erie Bounce, Tracie Perrine says she was excited to get involved. "Well, I have two boys so it is Fortnite all day every day at our house."

     Flippin' Fitness will be holding their next Fortnite dance event Thursday, February 3rd from 1-4pm.  Flippin' Fitness is located at 4646 Buffalo Road in Harborcreek.

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