Four killed in Pennsylvania shooting

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Authorities believe jealousy may have led to a fatal shooting incident in Southwestern Pennsylvania this weekend.  A man reportedly opened fire on four people because he was upset with his ex-girlfriend.

28-year-old Tim Smith parked his red Toyota truck to the side of a Fayette County self-service car wash before his victims arrived, according to state police.  They say he opened fire minutes later.

Sierra Kolarik, the sister of one of the victims, Chelsie Cline, says Smith had dated Cline and was upset about their breakup.  Cline was in a Dodge Stratus, according to police, with William Porterfield just before 3am.  A woman identifying herself as Porterfield’s wife says he was having an affair with Chelsie Cline.

Kolarik says, “Jealousy. I mean, now I can see it. He has a very obsessive personality”.  She also says she had fired guns with Smith before at a shooting range.  Pictures from Smith’s Facebook page show him holding a tactical-style rifle.  

On Wednesday, a meme was shared on Cline’s Facebook page that read, ‘After this week, I really need to get taken out… on a date or by a sniper, either one is fine with me at this point’.  

The lone comment as of the morning of this story was from Tim Smith’s account, saying, ‘I could do both’.  

Rich Bower, Fayette Co. District Attorney, says, “Timothy Smith was armed with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, a 9-millimeter handgun and also possessed a 308 rifle. Timothy Smith was wearing a body armor carrier without the ballistic panels inserted and had several magazines for the AR-15 and 9-millimeter handgun.”

Smith allegedly shot Chelsie’s brother, Seth Cline, to death in a pick-up truck, along with Cortney Snyder.  Another woman, who had ducked down in the back seat, hiding from the gunfire, was injured by broken glass, but not shot.

In all, four people were killed and Smith is believed to have likely shot himself in the head.

Jeff Cline, the cousin of Chelsie and Seth, both killed this morning, says he’s still in shock.  “Why did this happen? How? I don’t get any sense out of it… why it went on…  It’s hard to believe.”

Smith is not expected to survive his gunshot wound.

–Beau Berman

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