A total of four Erie-based organizations will receive $300,00 in state funding to help local residents with housing costs, as announced on Thursday by State Representatives Ryan Bizzarro, Pat Harkins and Bob Merski.

Erie DAWN is to receive $50,000 to support the “My Home” project, which is designed to help individuals whoa re homeless or near homeless by providing financial assistance, case management and other services to help improve self-sufficiency.

According to Rep. Bizzarro, the grants awarded to Voices for Independence will go to helping direct care workers facing evictions, late mortgage payments or utility shut-off concerns. The grant awarded to Voices for Independence is $100,000.

The Greater Erie Community Action Committee is awarded $50,000 to develop an intake system to support the housing counseling program, which allows for a more timely experience to serve those in need.

The St. Martin Center will use its funding to help provide income-eligible families with housing counseling rental assistance services, which will reach 250 families.