Fraternal Order of Police Union reacts to city decision for officer involved in protest incident

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During the press conference held by Mayor Joe Schember on Monday, Schember stated that he would not be surprised if the union decided to file a grievance in response to the three day suspension.

We spoke to the president of the Erie Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No.7 and he stated that they will be reviewing this decision.

The union is in complete support of the office and believe that his actions were justified.

“It is within police policy in what he did and not only was he doing that to protect his fellow officers, but also to protect the protester from getting injured by rioters throwing bricks and firing mortars at police officers and that person had to be removed in a timely fashion,” said Sgt. Ken Kensill, Erie FOP 7 President.

Once the review is complete, the union is then expected to determine the actions that they will take moving forward.

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