Fraudulent transactions in Crawford County

Local News

Dozens of Conneaut Lake and Vernon Township residents were affected by fraudulent ATM transactions this past Saturday.

Charity Greenwald, a victim of fraud says, “I checked my bank account and sure enough someone withdrew five hundred dollars plus a three dollar and fifty cent service fee so all together it was $503.50. We got ahold of the fraud department and cancelled the card immediately and I called the state police and followed a report.”

Marquette Savings Bank and law enforcement are still working on the investigation. They have been working with customers who they believe have been affected and credit to their account is currently taking place.

The type of skimming method is also still under investigation.

Kelly Montefiori, Chief Operations Officer at Marquette Savings Bank says, “We are dealing with some experts with card fraud right now to help us figure out where else to look, what other forensics we need to be doing so there’s a lot of investigation going on right now.”

According to Marquette Savings Bank, it’s important to check your account regularly, use their free card software which will provide an extra layer of security, and contact your bank immediately if you see suspicious activity.

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