Free smoke detectors available for City of Erie residents

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If you live in Erie, you can get a life saving device… free of charge.

You can stop by the Erie Fire HQ on Marsh Street to pick-up two smoke detectors.

The station recently bought 1,700 of them through a $100,000 grant. This includes 25 hearing impaired alarms that flash a strobe light.

Assistant Fire Chief Leonard Trott says smoke alarms not only save lives, but can cut down the damage to your house.

“Five children died a year and a half ago because there weren’t any smoke detectors to alert anybody. Like I said, by the time [you wake up] without something to alert you, it’s not always too late, but there is a really good chance it’s too late by the time you wake up… if you wake up,” said Leonard Trott, Erie Fire Department.

Trott says they might open the distribution to Erie County residents in the near future.

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