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Crawford County Department of Public Safety has announced heavy flooding in the Crawford County area.  As we reported earlier, French Creek has been flooded.  The CCDPS says an ice jam on the creek north of Smock Bridge caused additional flooding along French Street in Meadville.

There are several state roads closed, including:

  • Spring Street from Lincoln Avenue in Meadville to State Highway 102 in Vernon Township
  • Mystic Park Road from Main Street in Hydetown to Freemont Street in Steuben Township
  • Sparta Street/Fish Flats Road/Britton Run Road from Garland Street in Centerville to State Highway 77 in Sparta Township
  • State Highway 173 from State Highway 27 in Randolph Township to Lippert Road/Lake Creek Road in Wayne Township

There are also several roads and streets around the City of Meadville that have one lane access or are closed.  Officials suggest that anyone traveling should take it slow and *do not* drive through standing or moving water running across the pavement, even if it looks shallow enough to cross.  They say “the large majority of deaths due to flash flooding occur with people driving through flooded areas.  Water only a foot deep can displace a 1500 pound vehicle.  Two feet of water can easily carry most automobiles.  Rounds concealed by water may not be intact [underneath].”

They also warn, if necessary, to get to higher ground and do not try to walk through flowing water more than ankle deep.  Remember that flooded waters could contain contaminates from sewers and there is danger of downed power lines.  Do not allow children to play in flood waters.

They continue to warn, as a benchmark from past flooding events of French Creek in the Meadville Area, the following spots are affected when French Creek reaches 14 to 16 feet:

14 Feet:  Flooding begins along Cussewago Creek near Race Street.  Floodwater begins to affect residents in West Asbury Manor Mobile Home Park and Ellsworth Park near Cussewago Creek

15 Feet: Floodwaters reach Columbia Avenue, Race Street, and Rogers Ferry Road.  Residents of Asbury East and West Mobile Home Parks are impacted.  Bicentennial Park near Mead Street is flooded.  Water may impact traffic at the US 322 Bypass near Park Avenue

16 Feet:  Significant flooding in western Meadville occurs.  Lincoln and Columbia Avenues between Rogers Ferry and Race Streets are inundated.  Mead Ave. and Bicentennial Park are flooded.  French Creek Parkway (US 6/19) and US 322 are severely impacted on the south side of town

Officials say Crawford County OES is in close contact with the National Weather Service and with municipalities and public safety agencies to monitor creek levels and weather conditions and are prepared to implement flood plans, which they say they have already begun to do.

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