French president requests international help following devastating Notre Dame Cathedral fire

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Today, the aftermath after, arguably, one of the most iconic buildings anywhere, The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, goes up in flames.

An emotional President Emmanuel Marcon vowing to rebuild and asking for international help.

Haunting images, the smoldering remains of the ‘Lady of Paris’. 

As a country and the world mourns the partial loss of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

One of the symbols of the city of Paris collapsing after a massive fire tears through parts of the 850-year-old cathedral yesterday.

The blaze beginning early evening hours Monday; crowds watched in horror as its spire collapsed onto the roof of the 12th Century building. 

One eye witness tells us, “There my partner and I were, standing on the balcony watching; that was the moment that she started crying when we watched that spire fall down. It’s just, you know, an iconic part of the Paris skyline.”

The building that survived the French Revolution, the Siege of Paris, two world wars, and Nazi occupation billowing in flames seen across the French capital.

“It was just heartbreaking to watch. The ladders were not tall enough. The hoses were not strong enough.”

Eight hours later, the fight over, the building charred, the spire gone… Macron vowing to rebuild.

But, even through the loss, the main structure, bell towers, facade, and most precious artifacts like the Crown of Thorns saved and the cross still standing over the altar where thousands would have flocked to this Easter Sunday… covered in ash.  A promise of rebirth.

Leaders, including President Donald Trump, expressing their condolences to the French people. French President Macron saying an international campaign would be launched to help with the rebuilding.  Already, a French billionaire has pledged $200 million to the efforts.

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