Friends and family of Samantha Sayers say they’re not giving up hope

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“Sam was my very first friend in high school, she became my best friend pretty quickly,” said Jasse Camacho Vera.  

Camacho Vera says he’s still in shock that his high school best friend is missing. 

He and Samantha met at Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy and have been friends ever since. “Sam would be the first one to shut down any sort of  negativity,” said Camacho Vera. 

Camacho Vera says besides Samantha’s uplifting personality, her passion for theater is what really made them close. During her time in Erie, Samantha was briefly involved in the Erie Playhouse where she followed her passion for theater.

Camacho Vera says he will be honoring Samantha’s birthday which is August 13th by listening to “Rent”, her favorite musical. “Definitely will be playing ‘No Day but Today’ over and over again,” he said “So, Sam just know no day but today.

Samantha’s friends and family have been rallying behind her through social media. Her mother Lisa has been vocal on Facebook keeping people from all over the nation updated on the search for her daughter. “We’re just learning to be patient and to trust and to have faith and to believe that there is a reason for all of this,” said Lisa Sayers. 

Camacho Vera says he’s not giving up hope on finding Samantha because he knows Samantha is strong mentally and physically. “Out of our entire group of friends, she would definitely be the one to fight off a bear if she needed to, or climb to the highest top and yell if she needed too,” he said. 

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