From candidate to president-elect, the changing demeanor of Donald Trump

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ERIE, Pa. — From presidential candidate to president-elect, perceptions of Donald Trump are changing post-election.

The election was only six days ago, but still a lot has changed in terms of how Trump is presenting himself and what Americans think of him

Analysts said first and foremost, his demeanor and temperament are different. Trump explained the change in mindset as the gravity of the responsibility sinking in.

Political analyst Dr. Michael Federici said campaigning is all about winning votes and playing a character.

“The interesting thing about Trump is of course he’s not a politician,” Federici said. “He’s the guy a lot of voters turned to because he was going to ‘drain the swamp’ and he wasn’t going to do politics as usual.”

Federici said that’s much different than governing, and Trump is realizing that he has to work with others to get the things done that he promised during his campaign. Which means giving a little and taking a little.

For example, Trump has said post-election that instead of building a wall, that a fence at parts may do. And that instead of deporting all illegal immigrants, that he wants to focus on the gang members and drug dealers.

Some issues he’s backed down on all together, including the total repeal of the Affordable Car Act and prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

Although Federici said Trump is contingent of what he’s promised the American people.

Federici said it’s pretty typical for a politician to say one thing during a campaign and exaggerate what will happen once they are elected.

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