Peaceful protesters speak out during demonstration at Frontier Park

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Peaceful demonstrators voice their concerns over the City’s decision to suspend an Erie Police officer for three days without pay in Frontier Park near Mayor Schember’s home.

Some demonstrators are speaking out on ways local law enforcement can better protect and serve the community.

The organizations of Equal Erie say in order to create change, the community’s voice needs to be heard.

For 17 days straight, members of Equal Erie have demanded equality from local law enforcement from outside City Hall.

This time around, demonstrators gathered in Frontier Park to voice their concerns in a positive manner to City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember.

“…we decided to come down to frontier park, it’s a change of pace, it’s close to the mayors house that way we cannot be ignored any further. All I want people to know that is we are here peacefully,” said Torie Witherow, a peaceful demonstrator.

Before walking through Frontier Park, organizers of Equal Erie expressed to peaceful demonstrators conversations they had with city officials including Mayor Schember.

“…we are out here asking for justice for Hannah, we’re asking for justice for any minority that has been affected by police brutality, systematic racism, we want to see some serious policy changes in Erie county,” said Janessa Williams, co-founder of Equal Erie.

Following an open conversation, peaceful demonstrators walked and voiced their thoughts on what could be changed.

Another protester says they’re becoming concerned the community is losing momentum in raising awareness for those affected by police brutality.

“It’s slowing down, and we know that if we let the cause die, nothing is going to change and go back to normal, and normal wasn’t good, we need the change,” said Benjamin Karic.

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