Fundraiser for teen with rare disease

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     Kylie Kulyk is probably one of the bravest 18 year olds you’ll ever meet.  Years ago she began having debillitating, full-body muscle spasms that doctors could not explain.  After 8 excruciating years with no answers, she was finally diagnosed with Stiff Person’s Symdrome.  Last year Kylie spend about 170 days in the hospital.  There is no cure for her disease.  Because of the unpredictable and reoccurring attacks, her medical bills continue to grow. That’s why friends, family, former teachers and even some complete strangers all decided to pitch in and hold a fundraiser for the Kulyk’s.  

     For more on Kylie’s story tune in to Jet 24 at 6pm Wednesday, February 20th for a special, in-depth report.

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