Fundraiser Raises Awareness for Dwarfism

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     Dwarfism effects 60,000 people in the United States.  There are roughly 200 forms of dwarfism, but the most common form is called Achondroplasia.  This type of dwarfism is when a person’s arms and legs are disproportionately shorter than they should be resulting in an average height of about four feet.  Little People of America is an organization that helps little people lead big lives.  They also raise awareness to these conditions.  Katie Roche is a school teacher in Corry.  She says increasing awareness is important because, “…on a daily basis we can walk out anywhere and face cruel comments in the world, things that don’t need to be said so it’s more about acceptance and education.”

     The event exceeded expectations, according to Andrew Wallen, co-owner of Alexander’s Restaurant.  “I was actually just talking to Katie.  Its very heartwarming you know, when we started 20, 30 people we were going to be happy with. but to see almost 80 people turn out and support such a great cause in the community, its heartwarmsing,” Wallen said.

     If you’d like to donate to Little People of America, visit

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