Furhman’s Cider Mill has new owners, but workers are promising the same product people have enjoyed for decades

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The former Furhman’s Cider Mill has new owners, but the workers there are promising the same product that people have enjoyed in the area for decades.

The annual Fall cider pressing have begun.

Furhman’s Cider Mill has been sold to it’s Summit Township neighbor, Luminary Distilling.

While the name on the deed may be changing, the process and the type of apples used are staying the same.

This means that the cider should be the same as always and ready to go in about two days.

“From the time we start sending apples to the grinder it will take about two days because we’ll make the cider. We’ll pasteurize it on one day and then we’ll bottle it on the next day,” said Austin Adams, Luminary Cider Maker.

The company is currently renovating the former Furhman’s store on upper Peach Street into a new bar and restaurant and will move from Luminary’s current location.

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