One incoming Erie City Councilman gets the attention of several Erie city officials and residents.

The future councilman leaving rocks and pieces of brick for what he calls “Pedestrians Protection” at the intersection of the Bayfront Parkway and Cranberry Street.

Mayor Joe Schember says he was surprised when he learned about this display. He says while this was not the best way to get the attention of people, the administration is working on ways to protect pedestrians.

City Councilman-Elect Chuck Nelson put rocks and a sign at the intersection of the Bayfront Parkway and Cranberry Street. The sign reading “Pedestrians, Bricks and Stones available for your protection”

Nelson says he came up with the idea after an area resident pointed out the way drivers do not stop for pedestrians at the crosswalk.

“There’s a gentleman in the neighborhood that’s been circulating a petition for a while to have better pedestrian access there and he challenged me to try to cross the street. So, I tried to take a video of that and, honestly, I cut out halfway through the video because I couldn’t safely video myself crossing that street during rush over.” said Chuck Nelson, City Councilman-Elect.

Nelson says he posted several videos on social media to get the attention of the public. He says he did not mean for people to throw rocks or harm any drivers.

“I’m not looking for people to be aggressive or trying to make them enforce the laws themselves, like some sort of vigilante. I just wanted to make a joke that it’s dangerous for pedestrians in this area and that we need to prioritize pedestrian safety.” Nelson said.

Mayor Joe Schember says while throwing rocks at cars is not a good idea, attention is needed in areas of the city where cars do not stop for pedestrians.

“I was a little surprised that he would do that, to be honest. I’m happy to find out he only had it up for an hour, he didn’t have it up for a long time. It was more, kind of, to make the point and then move on. That seemed effective but we certainly don’t want people throwing rocks at people on the Bayfront Highway.” Mayor Schember said.

Schember says when major renovations take place on the Bayfront Parkway near State Street, his goal is for traffic to move up to 12th street.

“The speeding traffic, you see, is basically going to work in the morning and going back at home at night. I want to get that traffic back up to 12th. so the Bayfront Highway is just used to go to things on the Bayfront.” Mayor Schember said.

Again, Nelson says he did not mean for people to harm drivers. However, the display did get the attention of many, sparking some concern.

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